Saturday, November 28, 2009

"I can't believe Stanley is Here"

I have said before Stanley is welcome wherever 2 or more Oracle users come together, so obviously I will be at UKOUG this coming week, more than 2000 excited people in the ICC at Birmingham.

Debra and I arrived today and we are in our hotel getting ready. Debra has many meetings tomorrow before the ACE Dinner which I always look forward to. Last year however I needed a bath after my trip to Finland and Denmark, so although Mogens bought me I was unable to get out of my bag.

But this post is about last night. Debra stayed with her sister in Gloucester and this morning when packing, her brother in law Chris realised that Stanley was in his house. He was so in awe and shouted out"I can't believe Stanley is Here". This is a special fan, Chris is a Finance Manager in a large government department and more importantly an Oracle EBS user.

Chris will be so 'stoked' to appear on my blog, but to be fair I was more interested in their dog, Tilly. I like animals they are more like me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vote for my friend

Meet Miss Molly. She is my friend and lives in Denver with John and Peggy King.

Miss Molly and I go way back, and I want you as my friend to vote for Miss Molly in the Hallmark Dog Photo contest – you can check it out at this link she is kinda cute.