Thursday, September 29, 2011

Slovenian Wine - Again

If you know me well you know I was christened in Slovenian wine, so when Debra and Heli took me to a vineyard I was a bit worried.

First they showed us a wine vat and I was worried they would put me in it. It holds just under 42,000 litres and if you drank 2 a day it would last a very long time.

They locked me up - but who cares when there is plenty to drink?

I did escape, a friendly (therefore not Danish) goat rescued me.

Then I saw what I thought was a gun, and I looked around for the Danes but it was actually a petrol pump for wine.

So actually I had a great time :)

Why are people so intimidating by me?

Had a quick trip to Venice, wanted to go on a gondolier but they said no, they like to be the centre of attention and obviously being photographed with me they would not be, I asked a few but they all refused.

I did however get to travel on the no 42 water bus which I know will make Mogens happy, and I swam in the sea which will please Dan.

It was quite a pleasant day, I thought I was going to get away with no pain, and then Debra (and Heli) tied me up...... Again.

Save Me From Nice Old Gentleman

Remember when I went flying with Tim?, well I've been again but with this time with Joze in Slovenia. The flight was lovely and he showed us all the best places.

I was having a great time and thought he was really nice. He showed me his lovely capital city.

Then I realised he was no better than anyone else, he tried feeding me to a dragon, but I Stanley can slay dragons in my sleep.

Then that evening he tried to cook me in his pizza oven. People have to learn they can't beat me.

Dangerous Danes or Dangerous Debra - You Decide

When Debra tells me we are going to Denmark I panic. Denmark is a wonderful place (so the song tells me ) but the problem is it is full of Danes, and they take great delight in harming me. I understand from Mogens that traditionally they travelled over to the UK, raping and pillaging the locals but now their victims travel to them.

I am normally OK I know my pals at Miracle Security will save me BUT that tank driver was there this time, and the man with the gun!

However this time they were not the problem and the most dangerous person was Debra! Apparently some sweet little reindeer upset her and she climbed a ladder and nailed him to the roof space. What if she does that to me!

Another Wedding - I am the most popular guest

Remember my friend Dog? Well his family were getting married in New York and I got to go with two of my minders Debra and Mogens and our great friend Heli. ( again no Dan, really fed up of the 3/4 rule).

Anyway it was a lovely wedding and as ever people flocked to be seen with me, including Julie who I think got a little carried away.

Ronald and Cindy had a lovely day, having me as guest of honour was the icing on the cake.

And all their friends got to wear I Love Stanley stickers home.

Who Wants To Be Like Me?

Some people are so successful and popular that people try to emulate them. They look up to them, they dress like them and act like them. I know I fall into this category but normally it is just my siblings, but this year something bigger is a foot. I have heard there are 500 would be vests in San Francisco, obviously an official fan club of mine.

I like this idea as long as Debra doesn't bring one home!!!!