Friday, July 22, 2011

Montevideo , Uruguay

The usergroup people in Montevideo were great and so friendly. They had all met Imposter Joe last year but were very excited to meet the real Stanley (there is only one Stanley) .

Uruguay were in the semi finals of the COPA football tournament and I was there cheering them on, very important that I showed how patriotic I was to their country, I snuggled up to their flag.

 Went to see some sights in the City,and played the piano in a museum, the security guard tried to tell me 'do not touch' but he doesnt speak 'vest' and I didnt tell him any different.

I have just a great time meeting new people. Here I am with Debra and Cindy (and I am going to her wedding soon, another chance to dress up).

Bruno who was so nice to me with the dancing,decided he was partially Danish and wanted to crush me, he looks too happy here.

Learning to Dance

Made a new friend in Montevideo, Bruno is a Tango Dancer (and DBA) and he taught me to dance.

I was so good he wanted me to be his partner for a special event at the American Embassy but I had to leave to go to Santiago, but it was nice to be asked.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hanging Out in Sao Paulo

Football Museum

 Loved Sao Paulo.

The first place I visited was the football Museum with Debra, Kuassi and Graham.

Restaurant Manager


Then we went to a great restaurant where there was so much meat but still enough time for the locals to get to know me.

Kai and Arup
Arup Nanda
One worrying thing was Arup, he seemed to think that if he covered his head with me he would be more attractive to the ladies, he is right but should not have tried to eat at the same time!

Two new friends in Sao Paulo

Diring the conference I had too very lovely ladies who looked after me all day. I think Kuassi thinks he has a way with the ladies, but he is nothing compared to me.

Camila Gumiero and Natalia Duarte

Sacrificing Debra

In Peru I visited a placed called Huaca Pucllana, which really excited me as the guide said they did human sacrifices. There was no mention of vest sacrifices so these Peruvians obviously have no link to the Danes. 

I was hoping perhaps I could sacrifice Debra, and it was looking that way when the guide said they only sacrificed women.

I loved the worry grave as I know Debra is a worrier but apparently it is ‘Wari’ and I just heard wrong.

Wari Grave

But somehow Debra managed to survive the trip.

Monday, July 18, 2011

You Thought My Keepers Were Bad!

All the things my keepers have done to me over the years are nothing to what they could have done to me in Peru. I was so lucky to survive. They eat their victims there, I met this really nice Llama who was on his way to being someone’s dinner and they also eat cute, cuddly guinea pigs.

Although I believe that Keeper Mogens eats his goats so perhaps not so different after all!

Pisco, Pisco, Pisco

The national drink of Peru is Pisco and Debra certainly made sure she tried it. I was very interested in this fountain which once a year at the end of July is filled with Pisco and you can just drink it all in. Debra wanted to stay but apparently had other places to go. 


We had a guide Cindy take us around Lima, she was very nice and said I was her first ‘vest’.

New Friend DOG


Don’t tell Ujurak, but I have a new friend Dog.

2010 with Imposter Joe

He travels everywhere with Ronald, at first he appeared to sulk and I didn’t know why but then it turns out he thought we had met last year and that I was ignoring him.

I had to explain it wasn’t me it was Imposter Joe. Then Dog and I became great mates.

Lots of New Friends in Cartagena

Columbia was also great because we stayed in Cartagena and I loved the wall city. I had lots of new friends there, but they did seem a bit boring, I know I can be quiet but these seemed a little stiff as well.


Our hotel was wonderful and I got to chill out there a bit.

Getting My Own Back


As a regular reader of my blog you will know how my keepers like to put me through hell at every possible opportunity, well on this trip to Latin America I was able to get my own back, at least on Debra. I have a friend Robin, who runs the Columbian User Group and he helped me give Debra a horrible day. We arranged a boat trip out to some islands and he paid the driver to go very fast. Debra doesn’t like to be out of control, and speed really frightens here. Mogens often drives fast just because he can make her scared so I knew this would work. Robin pretended to ask the driver to slow down but I think he just went faster.
Debra was so distraught when we finally stopped she had to have a siesta to calm down, so naturally I did as well. On the way back I arranged with some cloud vendors for a tropical storm, and I loved it, which is more than these people did. Boats appeared from everywhere to race back to port which just added to all the fun,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Quito Trip in Ecuador

Quito spans the equator, so it was possible to be both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere at the same time, but I wasn't there to sight see I was there to present to the User Group from Ecuador and many had met me before last year

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who Would You Ask?

I love all my friends, especially the children of my Keepers and their Friends, I feel I straddle the generations. They all love having their photo on my blog, and I love to make them happy. At the moment I am on the OTN Latin America tour and my latest friend is Megan.

Any idea whose daughter Megan is? Well Ask Tom

Not Been Invited

Have you ever looked forward to an event and not been invited? I am sure they just assume I will be there but Debra is of to a very important wedding soon and I haven't been invited. James and Margherita are getting married soon, and I have shared my hot tub with them in Denver and James christened me, surely as his godchild I should be there?

It wouldn't have been my first wedding, that was Julie’s last year, and it won't be my last, I am going to Ronald’s in new York at the end of august but I did expect to go to this one. If I just turn up, do you think they will mind or do you think the Dane will get me?

Planning Ahead

Now Debra can dive, I am trying to get another diving holiday with all my keepers. I am still hoping Dan will plan a day trip the Saturday before OOW, or straight after, but in the meantime, I am plotting with my friend Anne, and it looks like we are all booked up for a week next august, yes Dan, Debra and Mogens plus other friends like Anne and carol. A whole week on a boat should be fun and hopefully the Dane will be out numbered, he can't do too much damage on his own can he? Can he?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A New Airline

I am a very well travelled vest, and if I had a TripIt account, that aggregated (some kind of Geek talk) the miles I travel with my keepers Dan, Mogens and Debra, plus with another one I have not seen called FedEx, I might just be the most travelled vest in history.

Most of the airlines treat me well and today I travelled with a new airline who gave me my own seat on a very busy aircraft. They announced it was full which normally means I have to travel in the locker but no, I had my own seat. I guess that AA stands for ACE Airlines they were so good.

I slept most of the way Debra lent me her neck pillow, which is odd, as I have nothing above my neck to rest on it!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kscope the 'vest' place to be

ODTUG is probably my favourite user group (but don't tell Debra, she thinks I love UKOUG and I do but they don't let me out much).

Anyway back to ODTUG, I have just got back from their annual conference this time in Long Beach California, I do so love the sun, and during this long period of recovery it is so good for me. Obviously my personal physical therapist Alex Nuijten came along, I had been to see him for a consultation a few weeks previously and he prescribed this trip and to stay away from Danes (Sten doesn't count he is a nice Dane and my sibling Vesterli is in almost pristine condition and is looked after by Sten really well)

Every day Debra and apex took me to exercise classes and I did the Chi Gung stuff but never really mastered the breathing, as the teacher kept saying breathe in and out through your nose - can he not see I don't have a nose?

 I also had a trip to see the stars in Hollywood although to be honest the stars called on me, it was a big job getting my star ready in time but they did, and a few stars turned up for my award ceremony and insisted in being in the photos. I must say thank you to MyFear my personal paparazzi, I can't give you his real name as so many want him for their own.

On the way home I hung out for a while on Venice beech where I felt quite at home as the locals also looks bit worse for wear,

That evening there was a party on the queen Mary where the ODTUG board all dressed up and rolled out the red carpet for me, they treat me so well. They are such fun, did you know they had a reality TV show put together and although I took part in the greatest race it was decided to keep me out of the final production so as not to detract from the board themselves.  But I think next year I want to be part of it.

I obviously dressed up and wore my black tie, Debra dressed up and looked really good, her dress seemed to be made up of bandages but she didn't need to worry, the Danes (except Sten and a few mild ones) were nowhere in sight I wouldn't be needing any that night.

ODTUG also have a community service day where they help others less fortunate than themselves, they had to look hrs to fund someone who needed more help than me but I am not one to moan and I did my bit. Painting the blackboard and a meeting more friends like Emily Malcher daughter of my friend Michelle.

We had an ACE dinner where Justin, Viki, Lillian and Todd were all there but I didn't really get to speak with them it was a very busy party, and Sten bought Vesterli so it was good to catch up with him. Dan Morgan was also there but he didn't bring Imposter Joe, not sure what is going on there. Perhaps IJ has a facebook page like me and I can reach out to him.

Some of the ACE program had training and then also went out to dinner with the UX team and that was great fun, they even arranged ACE bottles of wine for us.

Apparently there are also sessions at Kscope but I think I slept through those, I did give one interview but on the day my voice was a little rough so I had Debra talk on my behalf. Kscope you havent posted this yet!!!

All too soon it was time to go home but I will be back next year I think it is in Texas where they tell me everything is bigger (does that include Danes?)