Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Excited, excited, excited...........

Don't often get the 3 keepers together but it could happen this week.

It should have happened at OOW but didn't, so last time was in Mexico.

Should happen at the ACE Dinner Sunday but Dan doesn't arrive in time.

So hopefully I can find them during the week and get the photo taken.

I miss my friends and I don't want to be left behind again.

The Danes Have Arrived

I like danger but somethings are too much and what I am really frightened off is those Danes. Remember the tank?

So although life in N Ireland is very quiet, it is relatively safe, or so I thought. Well it seems I was wrong, the local bank has sold out to the Danes. And now they are rebranding anything including the bank notes!

Don't you think they would look good with me on them instead of this guy?

I confided in Keeper Mogens and do you know what he said? "Lock up your women" apparently last time the Danes were over they took a few souvenirs home, although he says "They probably didn't take the ugly ones."

So I have been a bit nervous recently, and kept close to Debra. Only it now seems she has a tank! Or rather her daughter Brooke (who doesn't like me) has a tank and apparently her and the danish tank driver are swapping notes.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Jealousy is horrible thing, and I have had to witness Debra sulk, moan and behave badly because she didn't get to go on the OTN Tour of the Nordics. I don't see her issue, it was a technical tour and as she keeps telling us she isn't technical.

HOWEVER that should not have stopped me attending. She should have sent me with some of those who did attend, they would have looked after me (I hope) although perhaps they didn't take me because they care for me and thought I would have been safer away from those Danes.

But I am Stanley the Original ACE Director and I should be on these tours, don't let it happen again or I may be forced to find new keepers.

Some of those ACED that did attend (photo from Mark Rittman)

Was I even at OOW?

So being single I should have been out every night at OOW, having fun and finding a new woman, but the reality was it was a quiet trip.   I think I am not over Miranda.


I did have fun at the ACE Directors event with my friends, and I cycled the Golden Gate Bridge and I even swam in the Bay, so I guess it wasn’t that bad.

I did however meet a new friend and we got on well, although I was a little jealous he got more fans than me.

I did see all my keepers but never all together and Dan didn't stop by for a photo. Guess I wasn't much fun as company :(