Friday, June 15, 2012

Mend and Make Do

A few postings ago I told you about the cut I suffered whilst in Denmark. Debra who is supposed to look after me just left it and it was getting tatty, so much that Miranda has had me sleeping in the spare wardrobe as she says I have let myself go.

So today I insisted Debra got her act together and stitch me up, you see I have a very important date in a few weeks; I am off to Kscope in Texas. Debra isn't going and I am travelling with Lisa.

So out came the cotton and Debra did the deal and now I look as good as new. So I have packed my envelope and tomorrow Royal Mail take me to Lisa and next weekend I am off to see all my friends in ODTUG. I think Keeper Dan will be there so that should be fun. I should have a good time.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning to Fly - in Latvia

Off to the EMEA Presidents meeting in Latvia -lots of old friends and some new.

After the meetings we went off to the seaside and they seemed to think that it would be fun for me to travel  the globe - how silly, that is my job!

However I did get to meet one of the locals and he doesn't travel much but but was my kind of guy, just like me, loved by everyone, quiet and gets lots of hugs.

But best of all I got to fly, yes I know I fly in airplanes a lot, but this was without assistance and tak to my friend Ken from Danish User Group for making it happen, even though he hesitates to do the deed, (about 45 seconds in).

Just When I Thought It Was Safe

I survived Denmark relatively unscathed, and Vegas was actually quite quiet............. or so I thought. Debra was so much in the party mood that I never got a look in (well actually I was so embarrassed by her costume and she did say I clashed with her outfit and the pink flamingo she tried to pick up!!)

Any next day, I met with a few people in that traditional, slow day after the party mood and somehow she meets up with Paul Vallee who is going shooting. They both decide that is something I would like - "No I Don't" I shouted but they both insist they didn't hear me, well I don't, remember the firing squad, and the follow up in the garden? I don't like it, but my voice counts for nothing and off I was packed a day out with Paul.

At the moment I was strung up, I knew it wasn't going to be a good day, I knew I would have to breathe in and hope that my record to date on avoiding death had not come to an end.

But I am Stanley, The Original ACE Director, and despite this being a 44 Dirty Harry Magnum I survived, and have the casing to prove it.

What Happens in Vegas - gets posted here

After surviving in Denmark, my great friend Alex Gorbachev bought me to Vegas to be reunited with Debra. I thought I had survived Malov unscathed but this slit looks suspiciously like a sword injury James Morle.

Debra Missed me and she wanted to show how much she loved me, so she resorted to that time honoured tradition in Vegas and had her love for me etched for ever in a tattoo.

Other people missed me as well, here is Ian Abramson who last time I was in Vegas used me as a good luck charm and was hoping that I would have that effect on him again.

Of course it is not just individuals that appreciate me, I am also so famous in the Oracle world that I am yet again on the front cover of their magazine, even if I am looking a little tatty.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Putting Off This Post

Sometimes, life does not go the way you want it too. We tend to put off dealing with things that force us to deal with this and I am no different.

One of my favourite trips of the year is MOW, normally it means all of us get together, a rare opportunity to avoid the 3/4 syndrome. This year was to be even more special, my friend Anne was coming over for her first trip to Europe with Dan, and there was another special little friend to meet.

But things started to fall apart, life is not as well made as me, I survive most attacks but life needs more than an army housewife to put it back together again. Debra couldn't go MOW - I know she was gutted but it was worse for me because it meant I had travel by Fedex again! However I had a great time, but put off posting this as I know it will upset her.

Then when I arrived, and despite promises that I would be looked after - why do I ever believe Danes? James Morle who Christened me remember, who should be trust worthy took a sword to me!

Dan thinking....
Then Anne arrived and life was a bit better, she took good care of me, made sure I took a bath - with Dan, and made sure I ate properly - and didn't burn myself on the BBQ again! Only problem was she was so busy looking after me that there are no photos of us together.

mmmm bacon

 Mogens was in a good mood, and I even got a hug from him. We shared a chair for a whole evening, although I am not sure we didn't sleep together, but in this photo at least he seems wide awake.

Hug from Mogens

Drink with Cary
Fun with Oliver

I met up with lots of old friends, I shared a drink with Cary, that was good and I hung out a bit with Oliver Weers, I have such famous friends.

But the best thing of all was I did get to meet my new friend, met Cat Millsap - IF you think her dad is clever you haven't met Cat!

Cat Millsap very pretty fan - pity she thinks I smell!