Saturday, April 30, 2011

Still Loving The Little Fans

You know I love my little fans, especially the ones who are children of my big fans.

A few weeks ago in Orlando I got to meet another very special fan, Kenzo.

Kenzo is French and is the son of Nadia who has been a fan for a very long time, do you remember she played the piano with me in Orlando two years ago.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Queen

Mogens is a Royalist, he used to be in the Danish Guards and often stood to attention for his queen. Now every year he flies a flag to celebrate her birthday. This year he didnt have a flag or a flag pole so Miracle Security were on hand to help out.

First I had to survive the surgery.

Then the transformation into a Danish Flag:

Then onto a flagpole:

Then the Birthday Song for the Queen:

We Have The Technology To Rebuild Him

I was dazed, I was frightened, I am used to being in a box, but not a coffin, and the pain was just too much. The everything went darker and I passed out. Later I found out that I had been placed in a drug induced medical coma, to allow the healing process to take place.

The next day, myself and Miracle Security had a very special mission, it was the Queen's Birthday Parade, would I be fit for it?

Debra started to operate:

She did a medical evaluation which looks really bad, but the Danish Army Housewife (sewing kit) was good, and with her very neat stitching it looked good. Read the next post to see how it ended up.

The day I nearly died

I love Mogens, I really love Mogens but sometimes he tries too much to kill me. Recently at MOW his friend Claes seemed to be a really nice guy and actually is a captain in the Danish army. When he said he would take me to work I thought it meant I'd get to ride on a tank not be run over by a tank which is what actually happened. afterwards Claes said he couldn't believe how well I'd survived and the actual the tank driver was more upset about the fact that they hadn't been able to kill me. I am very disappointed in Mogens I thought he was my friend

Yes, Yes, Yes

My biggest moan, it is not often the four of us, Debra, Dan, myself and the Dane get together, and when it does, we forget to have our photo taken. So as soon as we got to MOW and the party house I was determined to make sure we were captured on film.

Mogens suggested a bed shot, and although I am no prude I did have to have a quick drink of 'Easter Beer' to get the courage.

I love my keepers.

Another potential female

I am always on the look out for the next Mrs Vest and have had a few possibilities in the past. At Miracle Open World I met a wonderful candidate, she was quiet, looked good and my colour yet very feminine. Think I may have been lucky here.


Yes finally a place that suspends disbelief as much as me. Legoland.

I was greeted by Darth Vader, in itself amazing, even more so as he is made completely out of lego.

Loving the pirate which makes me think of Beth, Dan's wife who really is a pirate!

Even the chocolates were lego shaped but I didn't have any, watching my waistline.
The dragon was a bit scary but his fire was worse than his bite, no damage to Stanley.

Some People Are Just Too Mad

People think that Dan, Mogens and certainly Debra are mad. People think that taking a 'red rag' around the world is a silly thing to do, but we know different. We know how important I am and what an honour it is to be with me.

So it is not uncommon for others to want to spend time with me, and some are a bit manic about it, but nothing like Daniel Strassberg from QUEST who I am sure suffers from ADHD. We had fun playing games in the QUEST area, obvioulsy I won them all.

Then we had some photo shots in the photo booth with many hats, and it was great Debra joined us.

Debrawas exhausted and so we both went for a massage, to relax. We thought everything was OK until Daniel appeared lying on the floor beneath Debra taking photos and adding disguises.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Protecting Watson

Today I went to the exhibition at Collaborate. I heard a lot of people talking about some really cool guy called Watson, really intelligent, a brainbox, a real boffin. However he was in some kind of Jeopardy - so I knew that as a fully trained operative of Miracle Security, it was my job to look after him.

I soon discovered he had his own security from IBM, but they were no good, I hung around, in disguise, dressed as Graham from Down Under and Debra from Up Here, but they never realized, or saw through my disguise; no wonder Mogens says 'WeDoNotUseIBM'.

Watson seemed very popular but I am not sure about him being really intellligent, all the time I was there I only heard him ask questions, he never gave an answer once!

Giving Someone Their 15 minutes of Fame

Walking round the exhibition today, I met 2 really cool guys. They were just hanging around, telling everyone that Oracle is Easy. Being pretty cool myself they invited me to hang out with them, which I did for a while and then they begged me to let them appear in my blog; it had been a longtime dream of theirs, so Here they are.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Missing My First ACE Dinner

I always knew that being so popular, and in this very special role as ACD Program mascot, I would be in such demand, and that compromises would have to be made.

So when Miracle Open World clashed with Collaborate, I thought I could cover both, but Ben planned an ACE dinner for Tuesday evening just as I was leaving. I am truly sorry I let all my fans down.

I did however spend last evening with most of them at the 'geek meet' aptly named as some of them are beyond help, not at all sure why I was invited.

And where is imposter Joe when I need a stand in?

I did get a chance for a quick massage before I left, these conferences can be tiring.

I did however give out lots of stickers, which I now know really annoys vendors if you put them over the barcode on badges. That though seems an oxymoron, an ACE with no barcode, does it mean they can't have a drink? 

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back at the Peabody

Just arrived at the Peabody in Orlando. Love this hotel, do you remember me with the ducks two years ago? Well I am back and looking forward to seeing all my friends.

Debra and I are rushing off Tuesday to go to MOW , so I miss out on the party night at Harry Potter World, but never mind, I am sure I will have plenty of fun before then. Last year I missed the start of Collaborate because of that pesky volcano

.So look out for me in Orlando, come say hallo and get a sticker.

My favourite GIG

The best things in life are friends, and being with my 3 keepers all together. Doesn't happen much but it does next week. Miracle Open World. Not only that but there will also be Miracle Security on hand, and I will be part of that duty as well.

When I was in Chicago, I made a training video for this event, and keeper Dan's wife Beth and Debra took it very seriously, drinking rum for inspiration. Have you seen the video? well here it is, fantastic if I say so myself.

Sorry - Bit late on this posting

I was hoping keeper Dan's wife Beth would write it, but she has her hands full looking after Dan (which you can well understand), so I have to make do with one of Debra's mammoth catch up exercises on a plane.

I stayed in Chicago when Debra visited Dan's family in February. It was great, I had just had a few days in the warmth of Redwood, relaxing and now I was going to be with my original family. Not so warm in Chicago though, and they were forecasting the worst weather for many, many years.

In fact when it came the blizzard was the worst for 26 years, and I was sent out to look after the garden ( one of the many things I have been trained to do by Miracle Security). It was a tough call, but I held on, and the tree survived. In fact look at the photos, the front yard was a nightmare, but my patch out back was relatively unscathed.

So when things are tough, who do you call? Stanley  and other members of Miracle Security.