Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Undercover Downunder

You may have seen the tweets that I am at the DOAG conference this week, well actually I have Impostor Joe standing in again, I am busy. Joe and I are friends and we will catch up at UKOUG in less than two weeks, after DOAG he will do BGOUG and then come over to England.

I am busy, I have been sent to look after a 'lunchbox'. I realise that if you are not from the UK you probably won't understand any of this but we have a retired runner called Linford Christie famous for his lunchbox (not the kind Paul Pedrazzi sells). He is on a reality TV show in the Australian Outback called I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and I have gone along to keep him safe. You may remember I spent time in the Australia a few years back with Debra, so I am trained for this.

What Happens in The Deep Stays in The Deep

The problem with having three keepers is I have to contend with 3 egos. Most of the time I am with Debra and she is OK, she and Dan are great, she and Mogens are great, but when I get my boys' holiday with just Dan and Mogens they are great but Debra can't cope.

She worries they will forget me, and with good reason as you all know and I think the boys play up to that because they know how she will react.

Debra travelled to Denmark to collect me after my dive, she says it was for the Miracle 10th Party, but Mogens and I know it was because she doesn't trust him. I was on such a high because I had finally got into the Miracle Security team and of course one of my duties is to keep quiet about everything.

Debra tried to get the gossip from Mogens but he wasn't giving anything away. Debra was so frustrated, she was scary, in fact before then I wasn't sure which of these two creatures I was more scared off, but now I know I would rather spend all day with either of them than 10 minutes with an angry Debra.

She wanted either Dan or Mogens to post something here but they kept saying 'What Happens in The Deep Stays in The Deep'  which just made her angrier and angrier. Since then I have had to listen to Debra go on, and on.....and on.......and on so finally I gave her a few snippets of info like how I was kept behind bars, I can't remember what I did to deserve it but I am sure I did.

I love diving, I love the freedom it gives me (except when I am behind bars), and I love the fact it gives me a trip away with my boys. But Debra is threatening to get her own back, I hear Dan will be giving Debra her first diving lesson soon and if she likes it, it may be the end of the DBA (Dive Boys Away).