Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Final Insult

I know I am getting tatty, you would too if you had been:
Any many more unspeakable ills, many at the hands of those Dangerous Danes. But I don't like to complain, in general I am a happy soul and the state of my attire doesn't stop my real fans from loving me.

But this is the final insult, when in South America recently, we saw a tramp rumaging through the bins and his red vest was in better condition than me!

The Best Men

A few weeks ago I thought my Godfather James Morle had forgotten to invite me to his wedding, but he hadn't, he sent the invite to Debra and friend, and she didn't tell me!! James apologised and said he should have known Debra was untrustworthy.

This caused James a problem, he wanted me as his best man but I had not responded, so he had to go to plan B, and ask my keeper Mogens. Now we all love the Dane but would you trust him as your best man? At least with me James knew I wouldn't say anything bad.

Actually most people enjoyed what Mogens had to say and if you know him, ask for the video link, very funny.

I did attend, wearing my Queen Mary black tie, and was originally very unhappy to see James in another red vest, but he told me that he had to have that one to set the colour, once I arrived he swapped, and later he posed with his two best men.

Margherita also wore red in my honour. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Morle.

Friday, August 5, 2011

More Oracle and the Weather

The last stop on the tour was Chilly. I have given up trying to understand Oracle and the weather so just went along for the ride.

No one actually mentioned the weather again except at one stage Debra put me on she was so cold.

My favourite way to see places is the open top bus they are normally just my colour.

On this bus the even had red seats so I was well at home. We went around Santiago which was a lovely city (if a little cold).

I saw most places and really had a good time, but like most visits it was quite rushed.

After the conference Debra took me off to Vina del Mar on the coast and I found just the chair for me, it had a head which is something I miss.

I loved this tour, no Danes and everyone had been good to me, so I thought I was safe but Debra had other ideas, she tried tying me down to this anchor, but I am too quick for her and got away.

But Debra caught me and put me behind bars! She thought she had the best of me, but I have been to San Francisco so many times I have learnt how to escape from Alcatraz type prisons.

I simply jumped off the wall into the sea and swam home. I am after all Stanley ACE Director :)