Saturday, February 25, 2012

OK I Confess

Last year when in Manila I was accused of being duct tape, Debra did a good job of 'sticking' up for me and I got away with it; but actually being duct tape is one of my undercover roles for Miracle Security.

So when Alex had a problem in the mountains that called for Duct Tape, it was obvious he would call for me and even more obvious that I would save the day.

Meeting A Torn Star

Sometimes my keepers treat me as if I am stupid. I take exception to that, I may not be a geek like they are but I am not stupid.

For instance, at the ski holiday, I am normally left out overnight after an evening in the hot tub so that I can be used as a sledge the next day. So when I was enticed into the water I knew what was coming. Then a new friend picked me up and said it was unfair. She said she was used to making men stiff , she thought it was a very unfair thing to do to a vest.

My new friend Denice, as a Torn Star (I am sure that is what she said), fell in love with my ripped torso and took me back inside to warm up.

Clues That Made Me Feel Safe

 The sign said welcome and the bear was really cuddly so I thought this could be a nice place to stay. I will like it here. The house in the mountains looked good.

The sign said 'no hunting' so that meant they had to leave me alone, and if they even tried to do anything bad they 'would prosecute'. So I was safe.

Of course I am really stupid, they never take any notice of signs and what people tell them to do. They did attack me and yet afterwards all signs of their attack just disapeared!

Loving the Snow

I love the Mountains and I especially love Carol she is always nice to me and never hurts me.
 I love to play angels in the snow (ask Carol about her angels, it was very funny).
I also tried to hide in the snow, because I knew there would be trouble with all those so called friends around; but that is for the next post

And after all that I needed to warm up by the fire.

The Big Bithday

Finally the big Birthday arrived, only Debra didn't, apparently she and Pete had a midnight drink to start off the day and they forgot about alcohol working much faster at altitude, either that or post 50 you get drunk very quickly; either way neither made it to breakfast!

After a shared coffee mid morning, they made it into the light. I thought Debra would just go back to bed but Alex had a treat in store and it was off to a whiskey distillery. Note whiskey is spelt with an 'e' just like they do here in Ireland. I had a great time, hanging out

Kept In The Dark

In my last posting I talked about being on board flights on my way to Denver. Well it took a bit longer to get there than Debra planned....

If you ask Debra she says United Airlines lost her bag in Chicago, but I think she is really daft. She also tells people that her bags arriving with her after transit through Chicago is 7/5 in United's favour. Surely she isn't that naive?

The real reason is I am having an affair with a United Baggage handler vest, and Debra falls for it every time. Just don't tell Miranda.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Debra is so Old

Last year we celebrated Mogens' 50th - a lot!! Well this year it is Debra's turn, and Tim Gorman a fellow ACE has just had his 50th. Last year Tim and Debra decided they would celebrate together at our traditional Faux Table. Most people are Oakies (Debra is just a groupie) and when Tim sent the invite around we discovered another Oakie Peter sharman is 50 the exact same day as Debra, and so he to has come over and there will be 150 candles.

I think I will be forgotten and overshadowed a bit and it will be tough but they deserve a little if my limelight. Mogens and I will look on from afar and wish that Dan could be with us, yet again it is the any 3/4; still we will all be together at MOW soon and then on a boat in Mexico in the summer.

I am writing this inboard the 2 nd of 4 flights to Denver, we started very early from Belfast and then discovered our main flight to Chicago is going via Boston, not sure why, something to do with the pilot being 'out of hours' - I think that just means he worked normal days - all my geek friends work around the clock, and it doesn't hurt them!

Then we finally get to Denver late but are not leaving the airport, Debra is going to Salt Lake City to see the great Floyd Teter, he keeps asking me to visit and finally I have found time for him.

So looking forward to a great week of parties, Debra may be old but I like her , and since Miranda decided to stay at home I can party and behave bowers hard I want, no one will be judging me.