Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Getting Excited About Christmas

I love Christmas, at least I think I do. Last year I was in Ireland and it was all festive, I had a hat and a stocking but this year everything seems to be cold and dark.

I am with Mogens for Christmas and I thought we were going away, perhaps I don't know but I do know the inside of this Miracle Bag is not very exciting. If you see him, tell him to make sure I get out.

I thought I had been a good vest this year, reasonably well behaved and would get a good present, but then I got this message from Santa and he says I am on the 'Naughty Watch' so I had best behave a bit more.

Anyway I just want to wish all my friends a very, Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Give me Credit!

Debra has her own blog, I am not recommending it but from time to time life crosses over and she recently wrote about the UKOUG Panto and my starring role. However she tells it all wrong...

She misses out two very important facts:

1. I was the star, not just some prop. Of course it was obvious an entire panto would be created around me. I was the only one on stage the whole time, (except for Lisa but she doesn't count).

2. If you watch the panto she talks about needing Miracle Security and then moans (pun) that Mogens has not turned up, now I love Mogens as my keeper and am always pleased to see him but why was he needed? I am a fully elected member of Miracle Security, and would never have let the villain near Doug.

So whatever Debra says, remember I was the one everyone came to see.