Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Having a great time at Kscope

As ever I am meeting ots of new people at this conference, but one I want to pick out as special is Erick, he was our waiter at the first reception and he was very friendly. I promised to put him on the web, so here you are Erick, famous for knowing me - Stanley ACE Director.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Off to Kscope - Long Beach CA

I love ODTUG and their conference Kscope, they have really taken me to their heart. 

This year I get the chance to dress up posh, so I have packed my bow tie and am ready to go. It is also taking place in California and I am hoping for some sunshine, I need to rest and recooperate, it has been a hard year.

I also love that the darling Dutch are there in force ( much nicer to me than those dangerous danes).

I have already met up with my friend Mike Riley who tooke me for a tour around the beach on his new toy.

Larry Goes Shopping -------- Again!

What is it with this Larry guy? He has so much money, he can buy whatever he wants and say whatever he wants. I try and understand, and even guess what he will buy next but this time I think he has gone too far.

I try to be nice to everyone, even those pesky penguins or the dangerous danes, but this guy is so rude. His latest shopping spree was for some wire, apparently you need a lot of that for IT, it holds everything together, along with duct tape, which I understand as I too have used that a lot. So I have no problem with him buying wire, but it is very rude to call it fat it might be very sensitive.

I finally got to see inside one of these computers, all my friends think they are great but I have never seen the attraction, still whilst in Australia Debra showed me a 'box' she said something about it being a recycled server for an Eco friendly office, ( I just smile when she starts this kind of complicated talk), but to me it was just a wardrobe, and I have seen enough of the inside of them for anyone.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I love transportation, I love cars and trains and I believe Larry even has 'app for that!'

Anyway recently I have had the opportunity to see a few more. When I was in the Netherlands to visit Alex and his family I got to see the feet of an airplane. Debra tells me sometimes people fly for free on these feet but it looked a little uncomfortable for me.
Then I got to see a racing car, this first one looked ok,

but the second seems a bit all over the place, can't see how it would get anywhere.

 The only transportation I don't like is a steamroller, or a tank, but I am still too distressed to talk about them much

My Favourite CITY

One of my favourite cities is Berlin, well actually it is Debra’s apparently she lived there in the days of the wall. What is all that about? I saw the wall and it is just that, a wall, broken, with nothing behind it, and people taking photos all the time! You can even buy bits to take home!!!

Anyway, I have been a few times but this was a special trip, as well as seeing the wall I went to see someone called checkpoint Charlie, sounded fun but just a man having his photo taken all day, still he was happy to include me ( although Debra had to pay him)

I went to the zoo and I love the zoo, this one wasn't as nice as Washington Zoo, but it was good, and yes I had my photo taken again.

I also met a lady, and boy did I miss not having arms


So I love Berlin, they seem to let me have my photo taken all the time, and no one attacked me!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Like Me

Made a new friend in Amsterdam, very quiet, a lot like me. A bit rough around the edges and the sewing is not as good as Debra's but we got on well. But so quiet I didn't get the name.

Feeling a lot better


After all the traumas of the past months, I spent last night with 'medical' people.

Alex Nuijten and his wife Rian have 'healing hands' and I felt safe and rested. (Rian is, and Alex was a Physical Therapist). To start with Alex rightly came to collect me, and relegated Debra to her correct place as 'keeper'.

Then the children, Tim and Lara were adorable and I love them both.

Even the dog Mikai treated me with respect and behaved wonderfully.(Do you notice that Mikai is like all Dutch people I know, very tall and thin - for a dog?) Anyway the only trace of having been there is the many white hairs I now have, but that is fine, better than all those Danish scars.

I get to see Alex again in a few weeks at Kscope in Long Beach, it will be good to know there is someone who can look after me.