Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Welcome to 2013, I am looking forward to this year, I have had a pretty tame 2012 so am expecting 2013 to be even better.

And just so you don't forget me here is my annual Fridge Magnet. If you don't have one just let her know.

What Happened to Christmas?

I was looking forward to Christmas, the cards were all sent and I heard she was going diving; I love diving so was expecting a good time. But it turns out she took Brooke instead and we all know Brooke is not my #1 fan so I was left behind.

I was sad, all on my own, it wouldn't have been too bad if I was in the same wardrobe as Miranda; I know we have split up but we could have had a holiday cuddle.

Anyway so I slept through Christmas but at least I was safe. 

Almost But Not Quite

In my last posting I was all excited about the 4 of us getting together at UKOUG2012. But fate was against us again, Dan didn't arrive till later and Mogen's left early, so again when we did meet up it was the old 3 out of 4.

But it was a great night and obviously the party was themed just for me.