Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look Back at 2009

I thought I would celebrate the New Year by looking back at 2009. It is amazing to think that this time last year I was an object of ridicule and now I am an icon.

JANUARY - This is when I was flattened, and became Flat Stanley, and the OTN team first found out that I existed. At the time no-one knew how famous I would become.

FEBRUARY I went to RMOUG and then had my first ever holiday. I was treated pretty badly, but had a fantastic time and am looking forward to going again this year. Here you can see me with Jeremiah Wilton.

MARCH - I went to Sweden and then Israel and here you can see me enjoying the thereputic qualities of the dead sea.

APRIL - I went to Dubai and here you can see me with Debra and Basheer in the Burj Al Arab where we had a great (but very expensive) brunch.

MAY - Here I am at Collaborate with 'IO' the 2nd of the two 'romantic encounters' I have had this year. The other was in NZ.

June 2009 was the ODTUG conference in Monterey and this is where I really moved from an object of ridicule to an icon. This video by Eddie Awad is our way in the ACE program of saying thanks to OTN.

JULY - I actually had a holiday all on my own, I went deep into the cupboard at Dan Norris' home and slept, needed all my energy for diving in AUGUST, here with Moans Nogood.

SEPTEMBER - This was the month I travelled across 'the pond' as an unaccompanied minor and then had trips with Debra and other Apps ACES Karen Brownfield in N Ireland and Sue Shaw in Amsterdam.

OCTOBER was OOW, and here I am with my very own Director's chair. I also finally got my own credentials on OTN and I gave a small piece of my heart for Justin.

NOVEMBER ended as UKOUG started and here I am with my great fan Dan Morgan and Bryn Lewellyn at the ACE Dinner in Birmingham.

Which brings us to DECEMBER and this wrap up of the year and looking forward to 2010 my first outing is to Denmark in January where I hope to spend a bit of time visiting the Oak Table, then it is the user group get together in Redwood, and a great list of conferences where I hope to continue to be a great mascot for the ACE program of which I am very proud.


May Be Time to Sack Debra

Debra has looked after me well, but it may be time to sack her.

When she is attending an event or conference and has the time to look after me I have a great time and lots of photos are taken, and the fun we get up to!

But when she is busy, I get dragged along, stay inside my bag and don't enjoy myself as much as is possible. So from now on Debra needs to give me up for UKOUG and probably OOW as well.

This year at Oracle Open World I did have my chair, which was then shipped to UKOUG but not even used. I slept in the same hotel as Obama and she never even wrote about it!

At UKOUG, things looked up, Debra mentioned me in her main blog, I went to a great ACE dinner and I got to meet Tom Kyte, but none of it got into my blog.

I was so upset for myself, but mainly for my fans who hang on my every word, so next time Debra is 'busy' I will make sure one of my other friends, Dan Norris or Dan Morgan look after me, make sure I have a good time and write about it!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Debra has been so busy and it is beginning to annoy me that she has not caught up with my blog, but I have managed to pull her away from the Christmas Fayre for long enough to say Merry Christmas to you all.

Santa was good to me and gave me a ticket to Redwood in January so I will be able to meet up with some friends again.