Thursday, September 27, 2012

Calling Time on The Girl

I am writing this on the flight to San Francisco my annual pilgrimage to see Larry. But all is not good.

I am getting old and although I have had a few romantic dalliances I thought I was destined to stay single until last year when I met Miranda. She is young, fresh and I simply fell head over heals ( or should that be, neck over hem) in love.

Things moved quickly and she came home with me to Ireland but she does not have the wanderlust I have, and each time I go away she stays quietly at home. I am torn ( literally if there are any Danes about), between having fun with my friends and wanting to rush home to Miranda.

I tried to get her to come on this trip and thought as this is where she started out she may want to. I got some stupid excuse about there not being enough space in debra's case but I could see her heart wasn't in it. Perhaps she is happier in the closet, or perhaps she prefers the Miracle T shirt she hangs out with there. ( Bloody Danes again)!

So I think I am going to dump her, preferably in a charity clothes bin.

To all you lovely ladies out there, I Stanley ACE director am single again. Watch out.

Friday, September 7, 2012

All of us on holiday

Keeper Dan finally got Debra to learn to dive last year so that we could reduce the odds of beating the 3/4 scenario and get us all together. Dan, Mogens and I have dived many times the first time in Florida a few years back so getting Debra to join us made sense.

So a few weeks ago we went to Mexico on a liveaboard diving trip. All four of us. This video was made by my friend Pete (you can see me near the end).

I love diving although I have a problem carrying the weights now that my pockets have been permanently sewn up ( thanks to that tank). It was great getting the 4 of us together at the bottom of the ocean, perhaps our next outing should be to the moon, or the sun (Larry owns the sun I am sure he can arrange it for us).

I did meet this jaw fish who was very interested in me. Some people like Steve who took the photo thought the fish would eat me but no, it knew better and was a Mexican not Danish fish, so I was always safe.

I also dived with Frank who I met on another liveaboard in Turks last year. When we got back to the boat, Frank hung me out to dry, literally. At first glance this is a beautiful picture of me in the sunset, but just look at how it shows off all my injuries, I am surprised I don't get used as a sieve!

At the end of the trip people traditionally get their logbook stamped by their divemaster , but ours Mayo was too busy meeting me so I provided the stamp, seen here on Frank's head.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Paddington Bear meets his hero

We all like to meet our heros, even if you are a celebrity yourself. So when I heard Paddington Bear wanted to meet me I was happy to oblige.

Despite his early journey from Peru ( where I have also travelled - love the Pisco ), Paddington  does not travel much so I went to see him. He scrubs up well, doesn't he?

Anyway I made his day and a few other people seemed happy to see me and stopped for a few minutes in their busy day to stare at me.

Its a hard life being famous

What happens at kscope definitely stays in kscope!

Normally a phrase reserved for Las Vegas, but in my case it is this years scope that has become my no recollection whatsoever moment.

Perhaps that is why I have designated keepers, but on this occasion I went to scope with Lisa and thought I was safe, I would have fun but nothing too outrageous and the lack of Danes meant I would be relatively safe.

Debra stayed at home anxiously awaiting news and twitter and Facebook; had a few photographs but with limited detail. On my return Lisa did promise a video and more detail to be shared but it seems that she has decided it is best forgotten and the episode closed.

So there you are, obviously I was a wonderfully behaved vest who sat quietly around for a week. Don't believe any of the rumours especially about the bull, there is no evidence, so I am safe.

...........unless you know differently