Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rumble in the Jungle

The last day of the #LAOTN tour and we had a trip to the jungle. I am used to trees in fact the night before I hung out in a tree in a restaurant. A nice evening with no drama, expect the humans had no alcohol and were a bit tetchy but I was fine, I don't drink a lot.

In fact the day started really well when I got to meet one of the peace doves in Costa Rica, a bit like the elephant parades in London and Amsterdam. I did feel very peaceful and safe.

Soon it was time for a gentle river ride which again was peaceful although I was a little worried I would be fed to the Caimen but I wasn't, I was allowed to chill out all day.

In fact so chilled out, here I am enjoying a small snooze with Patanjali.

And there is nothing better than meeting a new fan and this is Paola, my new friend, granddaughter of the local User Group President.

Sacrifice the Vest

In history the Mayans sacrificed humans to their Gods, to receive favour. So when Debra and her fellow ACEs took me to a Mayan temple in Honduras I knew I was in trouble.

I was left at the top of the steps, quite worried but then Debra rescued me, I was so relieved......

 Until she placed me over the railing over looking the city and I felt very exposed. One gust of wind and I would be over the edge.My nerves were shot.

Did someone say 'shot'? Next thing I know I am surrounded by Honduran troops who had guns. What if they did their training with the Danish? I may have been in trouble here.

Things got better and I got to meet a real God. The fact that I look so good here shows how regal I am.

Then I got to meet another turtle, like the one I met in Latvia.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Please fasten your seatbelts

I fly a lot. Not a little a lot, and I am very good I keep quiet during the safety briefing and listen to what they tell me, but today I was the safety briefing:

Your lifebelt is Stanley.

 He should be worn like this.

And the exits are here, here and here.

 Its a pity no-one could hear over the OTN Tour laughter. Thank you Sergio for being our Steward.

If I had a head what head would it be?

 Guatemala was a lovely place to visit. To went to a university and I had my own chair, it is great to be famous.

In the hotel I was greeted by two very imposing looking people and there were also men with guns outside. I am sorry but I thought we were a long way away from those pesky Danes and yet I still don't feel safe!

And then I got an opportunity to try on a few heads, better than the pig.

Relaxing in the Caribbean

Debra tells me we are going to the Caribbean and I pack my sunblock and shades, so when the first thing I saw in Barbados when we got off the plane was this, I was worried. Finland is too close to those Danes.

I spent a couple of days getting used to the layed back lifestyle and all too soon we are off to Trinidad. Reggae Music, Cocktails, Sun and Chillin, what else can vest do in the Caribbean?

Seems some other guy who visited needed a plaque to remind people how famous he was, but not me, I am Stanley the original ACE Director.

 And then I was reminded of one of the more obscure Abba songs I sing - Sitting in The Palm Tree

A guy could get used to this lifestyle, but I am missing Miranda a little.