Sunday, January 29, 2012

New friends -what is her problem?

During our trip to Redwood Shores Debra also had UX training, I think that stands for Unlimited eXploits as it is always such fun.

It is a very special group with a secret website I can't share but I can show you my Lille Stanley picture and my profile.

This year there were some new guys and Debra said she didn't like them because they are 'sales' -not sure what that means but it must be awful, there is another  Dane she also calls sales so they must be bad. Anyway I disagree they all seemed fun and even Debra laughed with them in class but made me promise not to tell anyone. She trusts me, my lips are sealed.

Safe For A While

You know how I worry about the Danes, well Mogens is just all talk I can handle him, the one I really worry about is the tank commander.

Since the tank incident (I still can't talk about it without a shudder), and the cruel summer he put me through, I have tried to avoid Denmark but he followed me to Japan. Is no-where safe?

However he is now off somewhere, probably under cover with Miracle Security, so I a safe for a few months. In this photo our friend Janni is sporting his uniform, why does he think his vest is safer than me? Perhaps I should have gone with him.

Take Care Friend, I will probably miss you.

Stanley Unlocks More of The Story

This week was the annual pilgrimage of user group leaders to what my friend Floyd calls the mothership.

Lots of my friends I made in Latin America and Asia PAC were there, Paola from Equador, Robin from columbia, Eduardo from Brazil, Nelson and Edelweiss from Uraguay. Marshall from China, Masato Abe from Tokyo, Dougs from Auckland, and of course travelling friends like Ronald and dog, Murali and Hans.

Debra tells me this is great education and I agree, in the past I have learnt here about Sun and then the Cloud. This year I learnt that the Cloud in the Sun box is for big data. So where do they put the little data?