Monday, March 25, 2013

On Top of The World

Last day in paradise and Yury collects me to to come watch the sunrise above Shelly Beach in Manly, Sydney. He also dragged along the totally-past-it-twins Debra and Peter (Sharman).  I am not sure what the oldies expected but Debra turned up in a long dress and (Australian before any says it) thongs, (not my miracle ones) but we were climbing to a rock look out to watch the sun come up properly.

Still despite the geriatric gymnastics we reached the top and everyone agreed it was worth it. We also saw many people who were taking part in a sunrise swim, reminded me of our ‘Swim in the Bay’, but this time we decided there had been enough exertion for the day and went off to our favourite coffee shop for some more of their ACE beverages.

Getting Older


Sometimes I forget I’ve been around a while, but when I revisit young fans it is easy to see how much they have grown. On this trip to Australia I stayed with Laura and Alexander, and I stayed with them over 4 years ago, on my first visit to their country. I really ought to mention their dad, Daniel as he gets very jealous if there is publicity that doesn’t include him. Even their mum gets a mention as it was her birthday

Still Drawing The Crowds

I was in Melbourne for ODTUG and hoped to slip in and out without being noticed, but I was caught by the paparazzi

and as this tweet shows, I should have expected it


The ACE Directors of Coffee

A few months ago ACE Director Yury posted on twitter the best cup of coffee ever where the barista had put an ACE into the froth. So when I arrived in Sydney and Yury collected me from the plane there was only one place to go for coffee. 

Too Many Steps

Debra volunteered to climb a lot of stairs no sure why. I am not the only person who queried the logic, she tried to do what she called ‘altitude training’ in Denver and I loved it when she asked how to get to the stairs, and they said ‘why? There are plenty of elevators in this hotel”, although I do believe she has a worry about elevators. Anyway having dragged me up 4 floors I thought that was it!

However a week later she announces that was just a trial run and its time for the real thing! Apparently it was for charity, and we joined a lot of people doing the same thing. Really fit people did it in about 10-12 minutes and some idiots did it in about 6, she took 18 but then she was carrying me on her back.

The Quiet Man

After the ski scare I was relieved to meet a nice quiet man in Breck. He didn’t say much but then I can be quiet too so we hung out for a while, till he silently slid away.