Monday, August 12, 2013

RIP Stanley ACE Vest?

When a human goes missing it is 7 years before they can be presumed dead, but for an ACE vest years are marked by conferences. So Stanley went missing before the Miracle Conference in May, at first we thought that this was a simple kidnapping and despite agreeing to the demands he was never returned. Stanley is now like Shergar a legend. 

Stanley has since missed the opportunity to appear at Miracle, OUG Scotland, Kscope, Annual Scalabilities Garden Party, SAOUG, and this week QUEST and AUSOUG in Australia. I think the time has come to bow to the inevitable and accept he is no more………………………….. unless you know different.

So how do you mark the passing of a legend? There are many traditions – scatter ashes in the sea, bury in a celebrity cemetery, but we have no body (although technically speaking Stanley never had a body). We could as in ancient India sacrifice his wife, I know Stanley said he and Miranda are  over, but she remains faithful and is still in their home (2nd wardrobe in the study) hoping he will one day return. So we could burn Miranda and scatter her ashes perhaps during our bay swim, and perhaps as once before we should have a sibling reunion to say goodbye perhaps also a wake at the ACE Director briefings. RIP Stanley Stickers?

What do you think we should do? Please comment here on his blog or on his facebook with your favourite memories of Stanley and how you would want him remembered.

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