Sunday, May 12, 2013

Down on the Farm (in Helsinki)

Debra lives in the country, and when (only when) she lets me look out the window I get to see the tractors in the feilds, so when HeliFromFinland (funny name) said she would show me some tractors in Helsinki I was really excited.

The first one was a bit basic but fun none the less.

Then the next one was Green, I like Green, my favorite is John Deere

But they saved the best for last, this one was a real fast one , and they let me ride it.

 I got to milk a cow, and obviously very good at it as the cow simply stood still and quiet.

Then I saw a reindeer, my friend Gunnar shoots reindeer so I was a little concerned (he is too friendly with those Danes), but I was safe. It was a good day.

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