Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lost, Forgotten or Kidnapped?

I said May meant MOW. It also means sometimes having to travel on my own. MOW is very technical and we all know Debra isn't technical.

Mogens had seen Debra a few weeks before MOW so she should have just passed me to him, but no she decided limiting the days I had to spend in Denmark was safer and sent me by post.

To save me from the problem Danes she sent me to Jette, the Director of First Impressions (the receptionist) at Miracle, with strict instructions to give me to Kellyn, who could be trusted to look after me. Sadly that didn't happen.

After MOW there was a BBQ, but I was sad, because you see I was still in the parcel in Mogens' office just feet above them listening to it all and knowing my 3 keepers were together and I was forgotten.

At the party Kellyn told her I was still with Jette, but Jette wasn't at the party so Debra was a little sad and too frightened about what might have happened so didn't ask.

However at the party it appears Mogens moved his attentions to another vest as you can see in this photo. Perhaps he didn't want me there.

Mogens promises I am safe and says he will send me home, but I am scared. Very scared.

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