Sunday, January 25, 2009

The problem with being so famous!

Like everyone Stanley had his own travel tales, and this is the story of the trip to San Francisco for the recent IOUC Summit. It all started in Belfast where Stanley had spent the holiday season with ACE Director Debra Lilley.

Originally a press call had been arranged at Belfast Security but on the day it was decided Stanley's celebrity status would send the wrong message, so press coverage here was kept to a minimum. In fact as you can see Stanley kept a 'low' profile.

Stanley is new to travel and has yet to clock up enough miles for a decent frequent flyer rating but at Belfast his VIP status was recognised and he was invited into the lounge. Debra is a celebrity of her own in Belfast (I wish), so naturally both she and Stanley had an upgrade to London.

The next leg was to Chicago with United and they were lovely, giving the couple a upgrade to Premium Economy. VIPs are allowed on first so whilst it was quiet there was time for a quick photo shoot before everyone else boarded. Now I am not saying travelling with Stanley is the path to fame and fortune but at this point a Steward asked if they would like an upgrade to business class. A lie flat bed to Chicago, Debra and Stanley snuggled up for a great flight.

Sometime though a celebrity needs a Little time out and on a plane there is only one place you can be on your own.

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