Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who is Stanley?

In 2007, Oracle issued red fleece vests to all Oracle ACE program members. Unfortunately, they put a large ace of spades symbol on the back of the vests, creating the first known case of visual pollution in the world. The fashion police were summoned, but in San Francisco, such clothing is not only tolerated, it is encouraged.

However in 2008, having taken on board MOST of the comments new vests were issued that are more pleasing to the eye, just.

One recipient on the evening he received his new vest, ceremoniously destroyed the original vest during the dinner in San Francisco. It was soon decided that some other of the vests should die a similar death, and one such vest travelled to Denmark for his execution, but wait death would be a quick release and it deserved worse…

A small group of Oracle ACEs then took it upon themselves to make an example of the unfortunate clothing choice. He is named Stanley (after Flat Stanley ) and was baptized at Miracle Oracle Open World 2008 in Denmark and sent on a tour of the world to receive abuse in an international tour to raise fashion abuse and visual pollution. Hopefully, his lengthy cycle of abuse will serve as warning to future fashion designers.

A video of Stanley’s baptism and his fancy travel capsule will be posted here shortly. Stay tuned as we introduce more videos and pictures of Stanley’s travels around the globe.

Our Stanley is not really flat, and started his journey screwed up in a Petron Tequilia box. After leaving Lalandia in Denmark, he is now in Finland where he’ll meet Dan Morgan and Richard Foote in the care of Antti before returning to Denmark for Miracle’s 8th birthday party on Friday. Sure be a good kickoff to Stanley’s life of exciting travel and horrible “accidents.” More to come soon.

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