Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Visitor's Perspective of Redwood

Stanley is not sure if he has been to Redwood before. He may have spent time there before being presented to his ACE parent, but if he did it may have simply been in a box. Either way he remembers nothing, so arriving in San Francisco on Martin Luther King Day he took the opportunity to visit Redwood, the Oracle Campus whilst it was quiet and he could look around without fear of recognition.

At first Stanley was in awe and simply layed back and looked up at the view.

Then he spotted Larry's boat and thought wow! So Stanley walked around the pond.

I heard somewhere Redwood used to be a Water Park with dolphins and shows etc.
Stanley went closer to see the boat clearer, it is difficult to see how impressive it is with the sailed rolled up but the height of the mast is about 6 or 7 stories high

Not everything about Redwood impressed Stanley, for a start why do the penguins have a higher profile?

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